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The organisation is ever committed to serving the public in the domains of dermatology. In lieu of this, IADVL observes several days of clinical significance including Leprosy day, Vitiligo day, World Skin Health Day to name a few.

IADVL has a wing dedicated to Community outreach programs which not only help in taking quality skin care to the rural remote areas but also promote awareness on skin hygiene, equipping the local medical personnel to manage the common skin conditions and to refer the complicated cases to higher referral centers.

IADVL is an official partner of National Leprosy Eradication Programme of the Government of India & collaborates with it to help the reduce transmission of Leprosy and work towards its eradication.

IADVL also has taken the onus to create several special task forces to tackle various menaces afflicting the Indian public such as, ITATSA (IADVL Taskforce Against Topical Steroid Abuse), ITART (IADVL Taskforce Against Recalcitrant Tinea)& ITAQ (IADVL Taskforce Against Quackery)

ITATSA (IADVL Taskforce Against Topical Steroid Abuse)

In India there is a rampant misuse and abuse of topical steroid creams by not only the rural populace but also the educated people in urban areas. This menace is due to the lax enforcement of regulations by the concerned authorities, flourishing quackery and ignorance on part of the general public. The misuse / abuse of topical steroid creams not only happens in the treatment of skin infections by bacteria & fungus and also unfortunately happens to lighten one’s skin colour in an unscientific, hazardous manner.

The irrational misuse/abuse of steroid creams in fungal infections has led to the dubious distinction of India harboring the superbug of fungus, resistant to most of the modalities of existing antifungal treatment.

Public education posters and pamphlets have been developed by IADVL in 12 languages and distributed to the target population, all over India through the dermatology clinics. IADVl conducts regular scientific sessions have been conducted to update not only the dermatologists but also other specialists about the correct management strategies of this infection. Educative programs have been conducted for the family physicians across the country to sensitize them towards the right method of treating this infection and about strict avoidance of misuse of steroid containing creams.

Several lectures have been delivered by IADVL members all over the globe. There is widespread advocacy by the IADVL regarding the misuse/abuse of such creams.

The International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) has issued a support and solidarity letter to IADVL highlighting the abuse of irrational steroid containing creams which shows the seriousness of the situation.

ITAQ (IADVL Taskforce Against Quackery)

The advances in dermatology have revolutionized not only the treatment of skin diseases, but also brought forth better options for many cosmetic & beauty related problems. This has leaded increased importance and demand for dermatology specialties. However, many underqualified but also unqualified persons (Quacks)pose themselves as dermatologists, cosmetic/aesthetic dermatologists and exploit the public for commercial objectives.

Any doctor who practices and prescribes medicines about which he is not qualified in and not registered the council constituted by law is a mere pretender to the knowledge in that system and is a quack. A Supreme Court ruling in 1996 defines anyone practising modern medicine without training in the discipline, even if they are trained in alternative systems of medicine as quacks.

The Indian Medical Council Act of 1956 regulates practice of allopathic medicine. Section 15 (2)(b) requires that only those who are registered on state medical register alone can practice Allopathic medicine and secondly the prohibition is directed against every person who is not registered on any state medical register and all such person are precluded from practising allopathic medicine.

The common patient is not misled by the Quacks but also, they end up with medical complications. Of late there is mushrooming of these quacks throughout India not only in cities but also in districts and taluk areas where the ignorance is more and awareness of authentic qualifications is less. IADVL as a part of social responsibility, has taken up the issue of quackery, which is causing undesired adverse effects and medical complications.

IADVL has constituted a specific committee, IADVL Taskforce Against Quackery (ITAQ) to deal with Quackery and to take necessary steps with various statutory authorities against quacks who are claiming themselves as Skin Specialists/Cosmetologists/Aestheticians.

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