Indian Association of Dermatologists,
Venereologists & Leprologists

Gujarat State Branch

President Desk


Dr. Jagdish Sakhia LM/G/2754

Respected seniors and dear IADVLites of GSB,

First of all we are highly thankful to IADVL GSB for trusting us to lead GSB in the year, 2022. On behalf of entire EC and CC, please accept our sincere gratitude. Congratulations to previous EC for smoothly carrying out all IADVL GSB activities in the last 2 years. We are thankful to previous EC for their contribution towards the growth of IADVL GSB.

I extend a very warm welcome to my dynamic and dedicated EC, CC and IADVL GSB academy team members and solicit their enthusiastic participation and wholehearted support. I sincerely thank my family members for their whole hearted support and constant encouragement in my endeavors.

We have several plans to execute this year in form of academic, non-academic activities, celebration of IADVL days and to carry out community services for poor, which will only be possible with the wholehearted contribution and support of our members. We are looking forward to the same.

Any association functions on the basis of 3 S- Sustaining academic excellence of members, Social responsibility to the community & Secure the welfare of members. We are planning to arrange an excellent work in the academic field, community services and member benefits activities. As an association we have obligations to our members and the community. We should evolve programs that will benefit the members and the community at large. As part of this we’ll focus on Educating, Enlightening and Emancipating the community about various skin related issues like epidemic of Fungal infection, Abuse and misuse of Steroids, harmful effects of over the counter treatments, misconception of diseases like vitiligo, leprosy and seeking help from qualified dermatologists.

We have plan to- -

  • Expand IADVL GSB academy to enroll new members,
  • Conduct various academic activities like SIGs in all 17 medical colleges and also in private setups in offline or online mode,
  • Organize various non academic activities like celebration of important IADVL days and Chalo ghar ki aur village camps,
  • Plan to organize activities related to ITASTA/ ITAQ/ ITART,
  • Increase E-voter list in Gujarat IADVL,
  • Increase membership of IADVL welfare trust ,
  • Organise various school activities like cricket match, garba, picnic and other sports activities for IADVL members,
  • To increase PLM to LM conversion,
  • Form updated version of directory of IADVL GSB members,
  • IADVL app and website update,
  • Plan of PG Cuticon,
  • Plan of Mid-Cuticon,
  • Organise practice cell management webinar,
  • We also request the remaining life members to enroll as e-voters.
  • Suggestions are welcome from our esteemed members.
  • We hope for your excellent co-operation and active participation.
  • We are committed to work hard together and put our best possible efforts to take our Association to newer heights.

Thank you.
Long Live IADVL

Secretary Desk


Dr. Yogesh Bhingradia LM/G/3510

Dear IADVL members!

I hope that the year 2022 has started well as we bid farewell to the less busy year for all of us as we tried balancing our professional life admist this pandemic. It is an honour to serve as the IADVL secretary of gujarat branch (GSB) for the year 2022. Admist all the chaos in 2021, our association successfully managed to pulled out its nobel work using virtual platform without loosing its charm. I am eternally grateful for the support that I have received from all the members of our prestigious association and also for putting your valuable trust in me to do the great for our community.

I am committed to work with all the members to raise the profile of our association and to promote various educational activities. Addition to all the marvellous work that has been carried out in 2021, I plan to further strengthen the base of academics among young scholars. My primary goal is to cope with the rising demand of dermatosurgery in today’s generation. I am determined to build an unbending base for all the dermatologist to practice safe and efficient surgeries and Also, focusing on the areas of Dermatosurgery that has been not explored yet.

Looking back in the past years, I believe IADVL has matured as a society with increase in LM members; increased number of camps, activities, webiners, workshops, CMEs; increased impact factor of our official journal; strengthening partnership with our sister society. I plan to continue my work in development of the above mentioned activities.

Last but not the least, I would like to ask the members to continue their contributions in their own way towards our academy. Our society is as strong as its members and I am confident that our members support is a positive sign for growth of IADVL. There is so much more to improve dermatology for our community, which can be achieved by working togather, as we have been doing since forever.

I wish all my IADVL members a wonderful year ahead.

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